Utah State Fair

have you been to a fair lately?
I have not.
actually, I should have stopped at my last Fair moment, Weber County Fair, a scone and Willie Nelson...need I say more?
having a child, you yearn to experience worn times as though they were your first.
so today, we headed to the Utah State Fair.
what did we encounter?
foot long corn dogs, overpriced rides and line butters (butters?, it's a competitive world, even to get on the carousel).
State Fair-56-Edit
State Fair-49
State Fair-78-Edit
State Fair-82E
amidst the contrived environment, we gazed upon Livy's eager eyes at the biggest cow ever (old Red, 2,900 pounds, seriously huge), felt her first butterflies on the NYFD ride and reminisced at a child's desperation as we walked away.

it was a good day.