Head Shots-Gabe(1)-300-Edit
After encountering Mr. Gabe on his return from the Golden State, we discussed getting together to work on his portfolio, since I needed some work on my own.
So, I went out yesterday morn, with ever-so-dashing Gabe to shoot some "head shots" for his agency.
Granted this first session was essentially a portrait shoot, the getting to know Gabe's face shoot. We'll have more character roles in the next shoot. That should prove to be quite entertaining.


Gabriel said...

Is it totally horrible to post a comment about how much you like pictures of yourself? Heather, you did such a great job with this shoot. I'm having a hard time deciding which photos amongst the 300 that I like the best! Can't wait to shoot again!...soon. All my love and appreciation!
--Mr. Gabe--