April Two

This past Friday I had the lovely opportunity help out three birthday folk celebrate and raise money for the global water crisis. These three decided to forgo any personal gifts, and asked friends and family to commemorate their births and donate to a needed cause. My role? Donating my time to take photos at the event with a sad clown... yep, that's him below. All in all, they generated almost $2,000! Good work kiddos.
April Two
By the way, this was my first attempt at a "photo booth". It's amazing what some white backdrop paper, a bit of masking tape, one speed light and a little ingenuity can do. Wanna see your mug? Go here, password: apriltwo and enjoy (there's a few). Thanks kids for the good time... see you next year?


dualori said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the guests at April Two, Heather. As you can tell from these pics, we had a blast and I'm glad you were there to help make it that much more fabulous! Cheers, Michelle

Kevin D. White said...

These are absolutely hilarious. The photo booth with Sad Clown was a great idea.