Morgan & Megan - Oquirrh Mountain Temple Wedding

Reception 1
Wedding 15
Wedding 3
Wedding 2
Wedding 4
Wedding 9
Wedding 7
Wedding 3
Wedding 6
Week 12 (Angles)
Wedding 8
Reception 2
Reception 14
Reception 4
Reception 5
Reception 12
Reception 10c
Reception 11
Reception 15
Wedding 5C
Many thanks to my most grand second photographer Mrs. Jessica Kettle (hope Mexico is treating you fine), could not have shot this it without you...


Erin said...

Oh my, these are gorgeous. Great job.

Jackie Wonders said...

heather!!!!!!!!!! these are absolutely fantastic :) great great work!

Shannon Masayo said...

blown away.

Elizabeth said...

AMAZING!!! The last shot is out of this world. Gorgeous pair- you really managed to capture all the initial, raw emotion beautifully. Impressive...

Cari Thomas French said...

So beautiful! Mega I love all the stylish deatils and your dress is stunning! Beautiful pictures!!

claire said...

seriously stunning

Ashley Hawkes said...

Heather, you are beyond amazing. No, seriously. I can't look at your blog, you make my work look like crap. HAHA AMAZING. By the way, this is Ashley, we met at WPPI and sat in a couple classes together:)

JSR Photography said...

Ummm...BEAUTIFUL!! Love them!!