Utah Bride & Groom Winter 2010

Someday I will be posting my own personal wedding publication, but for now I will share a publication I shot with Opie Foto this last June. My history with Opie begins with a couple earnest emails of desiring to second shoot. You see, along with her photography I recognized her business sense, of which a needed a big helping hand. I contacted her, she set up a formal interview, (I was not the only one in the running), and she gave me a chance. Needless to say, I really like Opie and I think after 5 or so weddings this summer, I think she likes me too. High fives to Opie Foto for her hard work and taking a chance on me. It sure is nice to some of your work in print & on the newsstand. (Please forgive the scans, they are not the best).
Did I mention this was by far the most entertaining wedding ever? Best wedding vows & song & video & wedding party, pure laughter all around. High fives to Josh and Jenn for being super rad. You can also check out the feature at Utah Bride and Groom's blog.


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