Giving is Awesome Recipients

I certainly hope all of you are enjoying your holiday season. I was able to house a few visiting family members over Christmas this year. Although it was a grand visit, it's always nice to have the quiet return.
Last month I received a sweet email in response to the Giving is Awesome Giveaway. Being a mother myself, it certainly broke my heart to learn of this family's story....

I have the perfect someone to nominate. One of my best friends from high school and a good friend through life had her life change almost 2 years ago. They took their then 8 month old to the hospital after being told at Instacare that he was just fighting a flu bug. It turned out he had something much worse.
I tear up just typing it. Over the next few months they spent everyday in the hospital fighting with Char. It was thought he would die, and then almost wishing he would die because life was going to be so hard and then peace and comfort and the unknown when he lived. Over the last 2 years they have worked with Char, who as his dad says "has a scrambled noodle" from high fevers and seizures and illness. They have brought so many people together. People helped them finish their house while they were in the hospital. People help them with hospital bills. They have had good insurance, which helps since Char needs a lot of meds. But they also have to pay for lots of therapy. Angel (the perfect name for his mom) has cut back hours at her job because her husband travels all the time and there always needs to be someone with Char who knows what he needs and when. Char is happiest when he is held. He is basically a 35 lb infant with this spirit that changes you. His parents are inspirational in their hope that they can help his scrambled noodle become a little less so. They smile even though you know they are heartbroken and tired. His big brother is the same way - his life has changed so much which is hard for a little 5 year old.
I don't do their story justice. You need to read the blog but be ready for tears and smiles. And even though they have enough to get by, they don't splurge on extras like a great family photo that would no doubt show what fantastic people they are. I always tell Ang she was meant for this trial. No one else could do it with such strength and grace and love. Often when families are faced with such life-changing occurances divorce, problems and even abuse of the disabled can occur. But never here. Char is a piece of Heaven. A difficult, demanding and helpless piece, but this kid makes you love more when you are around him. Read the blog. Even if they aren't your choice it will change you for the better just learning about them. Start at the beginning.

Happy Thanksgiving,

I had the pleasure to phone both Angel and Whitney on Christmas Eve to give them the good news... such a nice gift for me. Thank you Whitney! I look forward to meeting both of your families.

Liv 12-09
A blog post would not be sufficient without a photo... Miss Liv today.


Terri said...

Oh my Heather, you have made the right choice. What a beautiful gift you can give them... and you are so good at your captures, I am stunned everytime I view them! The gift of giving is the best that one can do for the soul! God Bless You, Heather! Will be looking forward to your photos!

Aunt T

Mrs. Olsen said...

Can't wait to see their pictures.

Angel said...

I am so excited for you to capture my sweet son Charlie and our family. Thank you so much for giving of your time and talent on our behalf. I still can't believe how lucky we are (I am lucky to have a great friend Whitney that nominated us). You are such an amazing photographer and it is a gift I will treasure forever. Thanks again for the best Christmas present ever- Angel Christensen

Meghan said...

i read about the contest last month and was one of your first commenters. i immediately knew i needed to submit my sweet sister in law's story, and i didn't. and it nagged at me and i meant to and meant to, but it takes a lot of emotional energy to share and i couldn't muster it, so i didn't. i was sad when i knew the time was up and i hadn't shared the story with you. because my sister in law truly is an angel who is dealing with a lot and does so with such grace. i sometimes still cry at night when i leave her house and know what she deals with 24 hours a day and never gets to leave.

so when i heard that our friend whit did email you about angel and charlie (and that you chose them!), i was so grateful. i can't wait to see the photographs and i am grateful to you for giving her this gift. if you can capture the personality of the sweet boy who is stuck inside his badly brain injured body, i know angel (and rob) would be forever grateful. thank you so much heather.

Mark Brooke said...

Awesome contrast, cute kid!!!