These lovely ladies came all the way from from Cali (and American Fork) to "work it" in front of my camera. Thanks to their sweet Aunt whose kiddos I shot here, they were granted their own "Top Model" moment... so fierce (yeah, I know that's Project Runway... but they sure brought it).
Foxy sisters..
Fugal-181Fugal-175Fugal-186Fugal SB 2Fugal-68Fugal SB 1
Thanks ladies... until next summer.


Katie and Matt said...

Thanks so much Heather, they look amazing!! I can't wait to see the rest!

shannon!!! said...

we have kindred spirits. i can tell. i think laura can tell. you are beautiful. and so are your photos.

Paige Green said...

they are lovely. (and modestly dressed too... it is the hottest!)