Accidental Shoot, Meet Miss E

Headed out for a quick "head shot" shoot with Gabe today and met this little one.
Couldn't really help myself...

Gabe 4-26C
Gabe 4-84BW
Gabe 4-27C


Lyndsi Wischmeier said...

These are so good! I can't believe how well you captured some of her cute little looks so perfectly.

Jamie Samps said...

I completly understand. When someone is that cute how can a photographer be expected to help herself.

GORGEOUS photos! You are madly talented.

Gabriel said...

Thanks for taking these shots of my cute niece. She was so much fun that day! You're the best!

p.s. I hope my shots turned out just as cute...

Deanna said...

What a doll and your shots are simply spectacular. You have a wonderful talent!