Seriously, it has been too long...

Today was super niece and nephews day at our household.
The morning began with a school project with 11 year old Austin, needing a "Wow" visual thesis for class on Monday.

He immediately thought of his super cool uncle (my mans) and his skateboarding skills, and decided he would be his muse for the project.
We waited for the break in the snowstorm (yes, snow) to go shoot.
Granted, Austin had to take the wheel for his project, so we set him up with a camera and headed out.

There was a bit of photographic instruction as he became frustrated "missing the shot", but in the end achieved, what I think, to be a "wow" moment.

Not to bad for eleven year-old cat and a three-year old pocket Cannon...
Wow Session Cannon
Nonetheless, this mama got back on a skateboard.
Yep, you heard it. I was able to roll around a bit in shaky confidence.
It felt good, real good.
So good, I jumped into the peanut bowl to roll around a bit.

It wasn't a pretty site, but once I started pumping around the bowl over and over, something took hold.
I was sent back to a place.
A place before broken bones, babies and fear.

I had my own "wow" moment.
I loved it. Loved, loved, loved it.
And I thought of others...KM & MA, keep on fighting.

Then, I took some more photos, which I also loved, loved, loved.
Fairmont Park
And I smiled.


MixedNuts said...
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MixedNuts said...

I love the pictures. Thank you for the help today, It meant alot to Aust. Hope you two enjoyed the little ones.

Jamie Sampson said...

awesome! I can't believe you skateboarded and know how to skateboard! I am completely impressed. So happy to hear about your "wow" moment. I love "wow" moments! Austin Rocked it! Hope you have a fabulous week. Ugggg! I can't beleive it snowed.