Mariko & DJ Formals | Utah Wedding Photography

Seriously? I really do have such lovely clients... these two are on their final countdown, just a few more days and it will be official. If you didn't have a chance to check out their engagement session it was featured yesterday on Utah Bride Blog... check it.


kirstin roper said...

they are so lovely... great job heather

Ashley Gillett said...

So many great photos here. The b/w where she's looking out the window, gazing at each other while waling outside, looking at her shoes. What a sweet and fun couple. Cheers to them!

Daniel Gorman said...

Youve got to be kidding right? these are spectacular! Such a beautiful couple! Im sure thier story was a magnificant one to capture.

Porter Watkins said...

love, love, LOVE the shot of them walking against those pink trees, this whole session is beautiful!

Shyann said...

Fabulous!! I love this couple and he dress is UH-mazing!! :) Great work

erin kate said...


Thomas Lester said...

What an adorable bride! Great images. Love the poses in the formals. Great work.

Xanthe said...

Oh wow, what a dress! My faves are the ones of the bride in the chair gazing out the window... you've caught the light so well, and the textures of her dress. Beautiful!

Paul Nguyen said...

What a lovely couple! Great pictures!

Nora said...

What an attractive couple. Looks like this belongs in a magazine spread. Nice work.

Josh said...

Your work is incredible! Every shot is amazing!

Anton Chia said...

The girl is beautiful.

The guy is handsome.

The gown and the suit are great.

The location is wonderful.

The photography is spectacular!!!


Sally Watts said...

Your black and whites just kill me, Heather.
So, so beautiful.

Heather said...

This entire session is simply gorgeous!! I adore the fourth shot from the top, on the right- she has and amazing smile, and you can really feel the love between them.

Emily Busath Murdock said...

These are STUNNING. Amazing work!