Last Day of Preschool

Last Day of Preschool
Well... until next year.


Chantal said...

Heather you're killing me with your daughter's cuteness. I want to photograph her! Obsessed with that image of her hair blowing and the sign.

Katie and Matt said...

Ridiculous! That first picture makes me think that she is just humoring you, lol. Oh to have a photographer for a mom! Liv will most definitely appreciate these later in life :)

Emily N said...

Why am I not a photographer adn doculenting my kids' lives in such an awesome manner?

Brooke said...

Seriously Heather, adorable! The red TOMS are killing me with that sweet little jumper. Billy and I couldn't get over how precious this photo is. Great job.
Loves- B&B

Brandis of HEARTdot™ said...

heather, i saw your interview with IHF & am loving your style! it's so beautiful. this pic of your daughter is just pulling at my heartstrings. i'm going to be having that preschool moment with both my my little ones this year. seeing those photos really made it real for me ;) can't wait to read through more posts!


Jessica Martens said...

Seriously? She is so stinking cute and I love love that you got on campus. I thought I would like your work and I most definitely do. It was great meeting you at the workshop. If your ever in Cali drop us a line. Id love to meet up with you again.