Brennan & Tessa Love Story

The "love stories" continue... Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

The year was 2001. Ninth grade, the best year of junior high had just begun. We were too young to drive, but too old to ever consider staying home on a weekend. So that’s where our story started... it was Friday night and everyone was “hanging out” (roaming the streets of someone’s neighborhood looking for something to do). It was that time of the day when we had to check-in with our parents to inform them of the plan for the rest of the evening. I needed to call my mom, but had no desire to go inside to use the house phone.
Luckily, standing right by me was a boy who had borrowed his dad’s cell phone for the night. The boy was Brennan and he had just started to hang with our “group.” He offered up his phone to me in exchange for a chicken nugget from the Wendy’s kid’s meal I had just bought. We made the trade and followed up the conversation by introducing ourselves. I asked him, “So what school do you go to?” He replied a little insulted, “Umm, Bonneville.” I apologized for not knowing and immediately questioned how long he’d been going there. “Since seventh grade,” was his response. Clearly seeing how uncomfortable I was, he quickly explained, “Well the only reason I know YOU go to BJH is because you’re a cheerleader.”
It turned out we also had two classes together. It couldn’t have been a more awkward first meeting than that.
Fortunately, my embarrassing first impression didn’t shatter the chance of us becoming friends. In truth, we were never really just friends... we were together. Boyfriend and girlfriend. That year we won “Most Lovable” at our Valentine’s Dance and by then we were very much in love. Two teenagers, who had no idea they’d still be together on Valentine’s Day nine years later.
We’ve had the rare opportunity to see each other grow up and watch one another become the young adults we are today. We share an amazing ten years of history together, “longer than most people stay married these days,” people often joke. But the next chapter in our love story (marriage) will be written later this year. We know it will be the perfect ending to this tale!

Thank you Tessa & Brennan... so so sweet. Ahhhhh, young love!


kaysi van dyke fox said...

omgosh, tess are you kidding me?!?! this is the cutest thing EVER!!!

Brooke said...

Tessa is one of the cutest little gals I know. She always has a smile on her face, I love visiting her at my favorite store Hip&Humble. Sweet love. Good job Heather, see you soon Tess.