Website & Email Down : (

I am unable to focus today. My website is down, thus my email, (if you need to contact me... I also have an upcoming show of a portion of my portfolio and I cannot seem to narrow down the highlights to 12 images... yeah, it's next week. So it's a back to back Liv posts for you. These images came from a recent "invite a friend" dance class. Liv was the guest, and if you cannot see by the images, she was smitten and so was I.
I have to keep it together every time I look at these next two images. I love Liv, but these images make me love her even more.
Here's to hoping your day is more productive than mine.


Brooke said...

SICK! Billy said "all right let's have one!" Thanks alot Heather. Your kid is to stinkin' cute.

Jessica Kettle said...

i just realized how much i suck at commenting on your blog. bad friend. BAD FRIEND!
i freaking love these. like, to the point of obsession. really.

and please bless that lulu has hair as cute as liv's someday.