Miss Angie -- Utah Senior Photography

This little lass is my first senior of 2011. Miss Angie wanted to shoot at the Beehive Tea Room and what a wise woman she was in deciding to do so... I have always loved the Chinese lanterns and fun light fixtures there, so I made sure to compliment them with Angie's pretty face. Beautiful job Miss Angie and thank you.

Are you graduating this year? Can I take your picture?

P.S. If you didn't already notice my processing was a bit different for this shoot. I kind of dig it. You? Any guesses as to which photographer stayed with me the last two days and influenced this? I am just going to call her the curves queen... thanks little lady.


amber duron said...

this shoot is awesome.
processing rocks.
seriously in love witht the first shot.

Aria said...

I love these! What an amazing location for senior photos - these are some of my favorite! And I really like this style of processing! Very fresh and different...kind of a retro/film feel.

tracie said...

I love the post processing. I want to know how? Please. You rock!

shan said...

uh you know i love this post processing. i dig it hardcore. when do i get to stay with you :)

rog said...

I know I'm a dude, but I would totally rock the first pics girls shoes,...and love it. Love this set.

Penelope Lolohea said...

This shoot ROCKS! I love the processing. And those two photos with the telephone pole shadows? Amazing! Nice eye!