This is Natalie... one of my dearest and loveliest, as you may notice. Lucky for me she is comfortable enough inside and out to allow me to capture this beauty in a more sensual way. We had a grand time exploring the world of "boudoir" photography... at least my take on it. A bit more natural, I suppose.
Bosen 5 Web
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Bosen 10
Bosen 12
Thank you Nat. I adore you.


wynona said...

Gorgeous. I LOVE the ones with the robe.

Jessica Kettle said...

these really are beyond perfect. some of the best boudoir photography i have seen- ANYWHERE!!

Travis said...

wow these are great Heather! Very natural looking. What a great friend. Were these taken with all natural light? I didn't know what Boudoir Photos where before your post, so thanks for the education.


Jackie Wonders said...

Heather- these are stunning. every single one. see you soon interweb friend!

Claire said...

these are fabulous!
also, natalie has KILLER hair!

shan said...

heather these are some of my favorites ever. just gorgeous. seriously. and the last one i find the most sexy. the naturalness to them is incredible. she is so naturally beautiful.

Ale said...

I agree with everyone.. these are some of the most beautiful boudoir photos I've seen! They're not contrived but still hold the same intimacy of other typical boudoir shoots. Incredible! :)

Brooke said...

VaVaVoom! Hello! I better not show these to my husband. Great pictures, great model. Georgous!

I Heart Faces said...

These are very classy and natural. I just linked to you from our Facebook Page discussion:-) The one of her lying on the bed in those lace undies is really cool. The last one is my favorite!


SBphotography said...

These are amazing! Great job.