Kristi + Aaron Groomals :: Utah Wedding Photographer

Meet Kristi and Aaron, my first wedding of 2010 (woo hoo!). This lovely couple found me via Justin Hackworth's blog after he posted a session that he had with me and my best buddy Liv... since I haven't had a chance to say it yet, big thanks Justin!
We set out for an afternoon of shooting in the bitter, bitter cold. After a couple of hours, a torn wedding dress (yes, before the wedding) and completely soil silk shoes, we ended up with these images. Thoughts?
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Many thanks to you both (yes Aaron, you too) for toughing it out, I certainly appreciated it. Look forward to the wedding images later this week.


Jessica Kettle said...

ahhhhh! oh my goodness, these are INCREDIBLE. seriously woman, stunning!

Opie said...

super cute

Anne Pearson Photography said...

SO CUTE! I love the sun flair and the soft romantic colors.

Jackie Wonders said...

heather, you are freakin' rockin' lately!!! i wish you lived here and you could shoot with me :)

JSR Photography said...

Beautiful! So soft and lovely!

Jeanette LeBlanc said...

Just found my way here via Jessica's blog - lovely, lovely images. Just amazing.

Brad said...

These are really great. You did a terrific job, and I think they've got to be really pleased with how they came out.... who wouldn't be pleased with photos that look this great!

Lyndsey said...

These are fab!