I am victim myself (of procrastination that is)... just putting it out there, set your date now. The holidays are coming fast. Did you know it's November on Sunday? One of 6 shoots last week. My brain hurts... just a little. Check these lovely siblings, shot them here last year. I adore this duo.
DSC_6254 LR
Call me.


Dawn Cooper said...

I love this photo Heather, it is GORGEOUS! Nice job!

tracie said...

Your pictures are amazing.

Claire said...

i love that photo! and i definitely have the procrastination problem.

Mrs. Olsen said...

I love the silver white finish and the cute kids.

nice pic

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photo!! I can't wait to see my families. You were so fun to work with. Im sure we have lots more photos for you to take.

Jennifer Avila

ettesidom said...

Another great one! Looks like a movie poster.