Night Shoot Shop

Spent an evening with Mr. Dustin Izatt getting all sorts of smart. Since I shoot mainly natural light, thought it was about time that I begin master some of the tools I have been just winging it with. A few shots from the evening.
Night Shoot-81C
Night Shoot SBNight Shoot-116C
Thank you Shannon and Jess for bringing those pretty faces of yours and Dustin for your time and energy.


Dustin Izatt said...

Woo hoo, These turned out AMAZING Heather. I love the series of 4 with the backlighting. You totally rocked it and I can't wait to see you use more of my techiniques in future sessions :)


Becca said...

So cool! I need to learn how to do this - your pictures are so NOT grainy (and very cool!) :-)