This is one of my first loves... Brittany. She was my roommate in college and hasn't left my heart since. BPC rolled into the big SLC for a writer's retreat and lucky for me she shared what few free hours she had with me. Though she was hesitant, she let me rattle off a few shots after brunch... (special thanks to Olivia for chilling with little Liv during the mini shoot).
yeah, I can make her laugh
BP, I adore you. Thank you for sharing a moment with me. Looking forward to the book. Give those sassy kiddos a squeeze for me.


cort said...

Mrs. Nan,
I have been checking out your photography skills (that pay the bills) and am very impressed! I oft at times wonder how you are doing, and now I can just check up on you when I want. Love it! P.S.
Wutup Britt?

Brit said...

Jimmy, seriously you gots gifts. Thanks for the number you did on that stupid zit! Next time could you photoshop in some boobs, please? Thanks! You really are amazing, Jim Beam, at everything you do. The no boob shot would make a perfect dust jacket, says I. And I love you.

Cort: dude, how are you???

Mrs. Olsen said...

Hi Brittney! I met you once while I was serving a mish in the Florida/Georgia jungles. Small world. I heard a snippet from Heather about the book you are writing and it sounds pretty cool. Adios!

The Richards in Canada said...

Great shots captured BP well...she's the same as I remember...just makes you smile looking at her!

Bess said...

B is as hot as ever. Great photographs Heather. I think you need to take pictures of my kids.

p.s. my word verification is dinging. Why is that so funny to me.

k8theriver said...

one of a kind.
looking good, la bp.
i really like these photos heather.

carrie said...

Heather, you're amazing. Brittney, gorgeous.

Fotografia Sqaured said...

Great Photos. I don't know her personally but her personality seems to jump off the page :)

Sharon said...

Love these! What type of lens are you using?

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

Oooooo! I love them, I really love them. She has fabulous style, that yellow t-shirt and the jewelry, what a fun photography treat.