T.O.B. = Tough Old Broad

This is Marion, my grandmother-in-law. I first met Marion on Christmas in 2005, where she was donning reindeer antlers and ornament earrings. What can I say? The gal's got style. The diamond in my ring was worn on her hand for over 50 years... lucky me. Marion is turning 90 next month. Yep, 90. This fine lady is sharp as a tack, one of those folks that you aspire to be, well traveled, read and super sassy. I think the pictures will explain that though...
Marion's 90th SB 3Marion's 90th-120CMarion's 90th SB 2 Marion's Glasses-27Marion's 90th SB 1Thank you for all the grand storytelling and inspiration Marion. I hope to live with the same fire you emulate. Happy happy birthday!
For the record, Marion taught me the T.O.B. acronym today, how hip is she? Or how not hip am I?
(I also wanted to thank the lovely folks at Oasis Cafe for providing a back-up plan due to the morning rain... go there, nice folks + good food).