Kiechle Sisters

Meet the Kiechle sisters. These fine ladies decided to entertain my lens for an evening at the park. You may remember Laura from shoots past (here)... I think my camera has a crush.
L + A SB2Laura + Amy SBL + A SB3Laura + Collin-92 C
Laura + Collin-44Laura + Amy SB2Laura + Collin-443
Ahh, to be 18 or 22 again... many thanks girls!


Jamie Sampson Photography said...

love them, what a fabulous concept. You rocked it lady.

shannon! said...

in love. comepletely. ok here is the deal lady. we just need to pick a day or it will never happen. so tell me a day and we are doing it, evening if possible, we can meet in the city!!!

Julie Ann said...

these photos are so much fun! how do you get your photos to pop so much?! love it :)

Studio222 Photography said...

So cute!

wynona said...

Ah, I love these!