Mr. Rob G {Senior Portraits}

I adored this session for many reasons. First of all, Liv tagged along as my assistant. Although she was sent to time-out in an empty lot behind Union Station, she did do a fine job of moving props (small barricades... yes, she's two, but the girl's got guns) and sharing the occasional enthusiastic "awesome", (it's her current adjective).
Second, I was graced by Rob's mother and sister. Two fantastic women I like having around. You may remember big, (little) sister Meg from this
Third, I rolled up to find that Rob had hot rod all picked out for me and our shoot. Well, perhaps not just for me, but it's definitely a bonus when a client can provide a bit of style without being asked. Thanks Rob. You look mighty fine...
Rob Gale-181CRob Gale-15CRob Gale-78BWRob Gale SB1Rob Gale-159C
GTO SBRob Gale-237C
Congratulations Rob... hope the shoot wasn't too painful. You can view a slideshow here.