Remember the "We Chirp" giveaway I participated in? Well here are the lovelies I encountered due to their mama's entry. How lucky am I?
Parley SB1
Wolfley 04-09-2800C
Wolfley 04-09-2886C
Did you notice the lack of front teeth on this fireball? That's because she knocked them out already! Not only missing teeth, but she's has already broken her arm, both before age three! This gal embraces adventure with no regards. How lovely and scary to be her parents. Did I mentioned she loves her big sister?
Wolfley 04-09-2909C
Thank you Wolfleys!


Julianna said...

Heather! Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures. It was AMAZING to work with you. These pictures are exactly what I was hoping for!! THANK YOU!!!

Jackie Wonders :: photography blog said...

so cute! love the warmth..and the kisses :)

we chirp said...

Wow, these are so joyful! Thanks for sharing them and thanks for doing the giveaway!

Raydar Love said...

yes, you were lucky to shoot such cuties, but i'm pretty sure they were the lucky ones!!

MixedNuts said...

Love Them!!

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

love these! They are real and fresh but like you imagine life should be real. Like story book real. Or Mr. Rogers neighborhood real. You rocked it babe.

love, love, love the last one, her little expression is beyond adorable.