I have been speaking with the Griffiths for some time now, but never officially met them until today, (unfortunately for them, it was after a sweaty yoga session at the gym...woo hoo for Saturday morning face...yikes!). They even referred me, before ever having me shoot them... now that's devotion.
We had put off the shoot for a bit of time until their new babe grew into his paws a bit. Really? Have you seen anything more snugly?
Griffith-0840CWhat grand folks they are! They let me drag them around for hours, (more than 2 less than 5, whew!).
I certainly thank them for their kind words and support. They are the kind of peeps that make you feel as good as you hope to be. I walked away lifted with confidence, a new friendship and some good shots....Thank You Griffiths! Hope you enjoyed your sushi!


Jamie Sampson Photography said...

love,love,love,love,, love, love them. You are amazing and talented. Lots of hugs, J

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

oh... what kind of pooch is he?