Without a Home

A bit on the lower side of the holiday season. I ruthlessly searched out a homeless fellow for a shot (although I did compensate with some $ and a little Mc Donald's breakfast love). I have my reasons, but I was quite pleased with the turn out. The gentleman was quite kosher with idea, but I still felt a bit guilty (like when I took photos of sleeping Mexicans in Chiapas and children in Peru, although they demanded Soles ($) afterwards). He and I lived in upstate NY at the same time and both ended up in Utah..."two roads diverged in a yellow wood" (thanks Miss Miller (8th grade English), I will never forget that one).
Be grateful for your heater (and everything you gots) today, it's cold.


Shannon Masayo said...

I have wanted to buy some homeless guys some food from McDonalds for a shoot, for a really long time, Don't know why I haven't. I also want to spend the night in a shelter one night, So I can write about it. This time of year always makes me feel extra sad for those that don't have homes, or families. Thank you for this post!

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

great post. I think in my everyday life I get caught up in things that aren't important. This post made me realize how blessed and lovely my everyday life really is. Thanks.

I love that you bought him food, you are such a good soul.