Unrecognized Face

I am posting this picture for two reasons:
1. We will be re-shooting our Christmas pictures because I am not "in love" with the majority of them and I had such high expectations.
2. This face is unfamiliar, not the actual face of course, but that look. It's a new one for me.

Liv 11-08-101C
Happy Friday!


Julie Ann said...

ok, cutest Christmas outfit EVER...LOVE those boots! i would have killed for a pair when i was a kid. precious.

jackie wonders | blog said...

two things:
1) you are so awesome. i wish you lived in SD!

2) your daughter is painfully cute.

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

High expectations will kill you! When ever I have a bad session I am so hard on myself. I do think it is a lovely photo and would be adorable for a holiday card.

kristin said...

Too stinking cute!!!!!!!!