Meet my little tootsie pop. I attempted to shoot some holiday photos (finally) with my own gal, but to my dismay (once again) she wants nothing to do with the camera. I decided to entice her with a giant candy cane stick, (not the best idea), fortunately ended up with a few "sticky" shots.
Liv-4 Square
We did get plenty of others, but these ones definitely displayed her spazalicious side.


Jamie Samps said...

love these. The red candy cane stick with the red sweater with the yellow background, genius. She is adorable.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Oh my goodness, I actually have food assignments this year, and three of them at that. I hope they turn out and if not I guess I iwll be back to no food assignments next year. :) Hope you have a happy day.

Laura Salmons said...

Liv loves the candy stick! You go girl. Love that buddhalicious baby!!

Julie Ann said...

Hello...I caught your blog from looking on another blog, but I really like your stuff...your personality really shows here! hope you don't mind a new fan! :)