In-Laws, Round 2 Peek

Headed out yesterday to a classic Fall day in Utah. Met up with more in-laws for holiday photos, this time, Liberty Park.
As I have mentioned before, I am grateful for city parks, especially Liberty. It is so grand and yesterday was no exception.
Along with the swing session blogged prior, the light was mellow and so was the mood.

T Nelson Edit 2008-18
Kudos to Austin for winning his first two wrestling matches this weekend.
T Nelson Edit 2008-9
Now you may think those eyes are enhanced, but other than a bit of sharpening my hands did nothing, I swear.
She's been told her eyes glow in the dark.

I totally believe it...


Shannon Masayo said...

I love love your blog! sooo much! Maybe this friday, I hadn't been don in a while due to my girls birthday and what not...All your photos are so amazing! my fav is the "cool" kid post. she is way rad, and i think she knows it :)

Jamie Samps said...

Amazing! If I was in a wrestling ring with him I would be very afraid. Please tell him congrats. Those are some nice eyeballs! Super great photography.