Wheeler Farm 2008

Headed over to Wheeler Farm this afternoon for some Halloween festivities, and to dawn Liv's costume, assembled by none other than myself. Alright, I didn't sew much, but I did throw together a mean tulle, felt, pipe cleaner, puff ball, lady bug costume.
At least I thought so...
Liv has a good eye for quality pumpkins.

We had an opportunity for some serious scarecrow construction, BUT being our first time AND discovering Liv is NOT a fan of straw, NOT AT ALL, it was a bit rough.
(Drum roll) The sleeping cowboy scarecrow...

...we're new to the whole scarecrow thing, it needs a bit of work.


Amidey (aka Crazy Lady) said...

Okay. Want to know something funny. My mom always thought that the little girl in the Green Day "No Rain" video reminded her of you when you were little and here your little live reminds me of her too. I haven't seen that video in years and I'm not sure how cute the girl in the video was but Liv is adorable. She looks so much like you did as a child. I love the tights and the tutu. She is such a doll.

Amidey (aka Crazy Lady) said...

Dude, I was just looking over my comment and I spelled Liv WRONG! Like REALLY WRONG! I am such an idiot. Sorry. She's still adorable! At least I got it right the second time. Sheesh.

Jamie Sampson said...

love her costume! Great photos. I love wheeler farm. Hope you have a happy week!